Monday, September 10, 2007

Bullets of the Last Weekend

This picture is of all of the Mexican triathletes who came and participated in this year's Ironman. 350 of them!

It made the crowds in Verona really fun, because the fans that came all of the way from Mexico were well prepared with noisemakers, megaphones, flags and matching outfits. I don't know a word of spanish, but I did learn a few!

My sister and I went to see What'ya Know on Saturday. There were tons of triathletes all over the Monona Terrace and it was a great crowd for the show. We didn't get picked and our question didn't get picked either, but the guests he had were interesting, like the guy who studies the words in language we use as placeholders in conversation, like "um" and "ah". When talking about that subject, we became very aware of it and I think he did too. It was very entertaining to hear someone trying very hard not to say "um".


Rachel and I went to the Great Dane Pub in Fitchburg for dinner. She had the roast portabello mushroom sandwich and I had the Steak Salad Nuevo Mexico. Both were good, which is a pleasant change over the last few disappointing visits that I've had there. The dressing on the salad was a bit spicy, not bad, just have a lot of water nearby! I tasted Rachel's sandwich and it was very good, not too oily.

I took this picture of Monona Bay on Saturday, as I rode my bike to meet my sister for What'ya Know. I just really like it.

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