Thursday, April 12, 2007

Part 1: Anticipation

I'm volunteering at the Wisconsin Film Festival this weekend.


Every year, this really great event happens, and every year I forget to get tickets, I forget all about it, and inevitably, I remember it too late and then regret it. Not this year, I vowed.

I saw something online that said that volunteers were needed and they'd get free tickets. FREE TICKETS? That was enough for me.

I flashed back to my high school drama days, when the cool people were in the Drama Club. Backstage was the place where it all happened. You got to go places other people didn't, see things other people wouldn't. (Like climbing the catwalk, or playing with the lighting board. Oooohhhhh!)

There's something about being one of the "chosen few" that has gotten me into so many situtations that others wouldn't. That's why I joined so many clubs in high school, why I was in student government in college, why I'm getting shoehorned into committees at work now. My input matters. (Okay, maybe, maybe not. But it feels like it does.)

So I volunteered and spent two orientation sessions with about 100 others learning about the whys and hows of ticketing, cueing the projectionist, introducing the show and possibly the filmmaker, and creating a decent line. Jealous yet? My theater is going to run like a clock!

I got my t-shirt, my tag, and now I wait. I study up on the films at my theater, and then ones not at my theater. I think about what I might do in certain situations, where I should park, where I'll go to eat lunch in between my shifts. I've browsed the program for the Film Festival until my fingers turn black from the newsprint. I wonder about wearing layers under the t-shirt in the unlikely event I'll need to go outside and organize a line. I ponder what to carry in my pockets; my cell phone maybe? Some Film Festival buttons? Should I program the Film Festival Office into my cell phone address book?

Oh, yeah....I'm pretty excited for it.

And while I gave a pair of my free tickets away to a friend, my other pair is going to be used up tonight, as J. and I attend the 9:30 screening of Heart of an Empire. It's a documentary about these people who dress up as the bad guys in Star Wars and then do charity work. Doesn't it sound like geeky fun?

Stay tuned! My shifts are Friday and Saturday!


nichole said...

That sounds like so much fun! If you're free Saturday afternoon, you might like the Cineplexity event (of course, I'm biased... but they are going to give away free games.) :)

Janelle Renee said...

Jealous! (Very cute shirt, too!)

What a neat experience this is going to be. I like how you make vows--what a creative and amazing way to make up for the many years of your disappointment of missing the festival.

Can't wait to hear how you liked "Heart of the Empire."

Have fun!